Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dartmouth Dead

Here are a few of the Class of 1960 who did the old girl in:

James Adler, Tom Andrews, Charlie Butler, Elliott Carr, Steve Carroll, Dick Chase, Jonathan Cohen, William A. Colton, Jr., Walter E. Daniels. Dick Davidson, Robert M. Derderian, Howard Frankel, Walter Freedman, William Gould, William E. Gundy, John T. Guy, Robert Hager, J. Roger Hanlon, John Hannon, Michael Heitner, Russ Ingersoll, Chuck Kaufman, Kenneth E. Johansen, Eugene Kohn, Phil Kron, Richard Levy, Marty Lower, Barry MacLean, Spencer Morgan, Richard Ossen, James M. Pollard, Rick Roesch, Tony Roisman, Dan Rosen, David Sammons, Peter Schwartz, Dudley Smith, I. Thomas Stone, Allen Stowe, Mickey Straus, Seth Strickland, David Vaules, Tom Wahman, and Roger L. Zissu

Please no flowers.


George W. Potts said...

One alumna thought that these '60s had died. No,no,no. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. This list were the ones who encouraged their classmates to disenfranchise themselves in the recent Dartmouth Trustee kerfuffle ... thus digging everyone's figurative grave.

Scott said...

George, you are mistaken. No one has "disenfranchised" himself. Dartmouth is not dead just because its board declined to seek alumni nominees for half of the five seats it just filled -- with alumni.

George W. Potts said...

Yes, but the alums must vote from among the candidates chosen by the Board of Trustees. A little incestuous, no?